Good Friday vacation?

I’m at school, between classes. Campus seems unusually quiet. One of my students told me, in my first class this morning, that she had an easier time than usual finding parking. (The student is Muslim, as it happens–she asked me to explain to her what Good Friday is.) Another student emailed me to say she’s gone home early for Easter. Oh–and there’s another.

My university, in Ohio, doesn’t suspend classes for Good Friday. We did get Good Friday off, though, when I was attending grad school in North Carolina. Presumably to avoid church-state problems, the break was called “Spring Holiday” (not to be confused with “Spring Break”). But the Spring Holiday always “happened” to fall on Good Friday.

I can’t remember if, when I lived in the Dominican Republic, schools let out for Holy Week. I just poked around online–it looks like schools there get the whole week off. Ah, the advantages of living in a predominantly Catholic, rather than Protestant, country. Of course, there are trade-offs.

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