Merry Christmas from the Isaac M. Wise Temple

Drove into Cincinnati on Christmas Day. (A great day for it because there wasn’t any traffic and the parking was free.) Standing on the steps of St. Peter in Chains Cathedral–awesome name, and I’m not being snarky when I say that–we looked across the street to the Isaac M. Wise Temple, a.k.a, the Plum Street Temple, arguably the birthplace of Reform Judaism in America. We could see that the temple had put a sign out sometime shortly before, but now tucked away behind the railing. (Vandalized, maybe? It seemed to have been crudely dismantled.) The birthplace of Reform Judaism was wishing the Catholic archbishop of Cincinnati and his flock a Merry Christmas.


The sign in context: It’s tucked behind the sidewalk railing near the door to your right It looked like it had originally been in a stand on the sidewalk.


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