Ash Wednesday, 2013

f845d44d824b48aea8f0d80b4e718b1bFrom Cincinnati, a couple of variations on Ash Wednesday observance:

1. Drive-thru ashes. This story got some national playtime. A Methodist church set up a drive-thru service for imposition of ashes. Read the story here. (The link takes you to CNS News, but it’s an AP story. I’m curious to know why CNS News was drawn to the story. Did they like it because it focuses on Christian devotion? Or are readers meant to shake their heads at  the absurdities of liberal Christianity?)

Associated trivia: The story reports that McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwiches were created in Cincinnati to attract Catholic customers during Lent.

2. Calling corporations to repentance. An Episcopal priest organized this service/protest in downtown Cincinnati. Passersby were invited to receive imposition of ashes with the slogan, “Get your ash over here.” In addition, according to the advance publicity, “ashes of repentance will also be placed on large representations of corporations we urge to respect their workers.” Read more.

I wish I had an accompanying photo–maybe one will become available in tomorrow’s news.

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