Presidents Day, 2013


The painting is called Praying for Peace, by Ron DiCianni. You can order copies from the artist’s website, beginning at $175 and running up to $7500. “This painting is in the private collection of President George W. Bush,” the website informs me.

I first encountered this painting–or one very much like it–about 10 years, when I was TA’ing for a “religions in America” course at the University of Utah. We took students to various religious sites around the greater Salt Lake City area; one of those sites was a private evangelical school. Hanging in one of the hallways was a flyer with this image on it.

If I were to revisit that school today, would I find a similar image of Barack Obama? The question’s only partly snarky: I might be pleasantly surprised.

What if Mitt Romney had won the presidency? No snarkiness there–I’d be keenly interested in the answer to that question, and I do consider it an open one.

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