Daily Show: War on Purim

A belated acknowledgment of the holiday. Does this bit work? Jon Stewart seems to have doubts partway through. Does the bit require too much Jewish knowledge on the part of the audience? Or, on the contrary, is it funny precisely because the non-Jewish anchor knows way more about Purim than the audience would expect her to?


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2 thoughts on “Daily Show: War on Purim

  1. Shanny Luft says:

    Hey John-Charles! Thanks for posting this. It didn’t work with the studio audience, though it made me laugh. But I’ve noticed that this set-up has been a long-standing tradition on the Daily Show–taking an unlikely correspondent and then give them a bunch of “Judaisms” to pass off–usually Yiddish expressions. Witness:


  2. kaspit says:

    Loved it. “Not on my watch….” and “5773 and this is happening?” Also when she whips out the grogger

    Would be smoother if she could’ve nailed the Hebrew.

    Didn’t Somebody (Colin Powell?) write about growing up in a Jewish neighborhood?

    Lost on most audiences, I’d guess, though she alluded to it a few times, that it’s required to get drunk on Purim.

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