American Pesach

Today is Easter, but we’re also in the middle of Pesach; so to mix things up, ProjectilePluralism style, let’s focus on the latter. Today’s post in honor of Pesach is a selection from The New American Haggadah, a Reconstructionist publication. Confusingly, there are at least two other publications with the same title, one put together by Jonathan Safran Foer, another by Ken Royal and Lori Royal-Gordon. There appears to be competition to market one’s particular take on the haggadah as the haggadah for American Jews. But I crossed paths with the Reconstructionists’ version first, so let’s put the spotlight on them.

As you read the following, you need to know that in the published book, this paragraph is accompanied by a photo of the Statue of Liberty. I’ve approximated the effect for you with an image “borrowed” from the Internet.

libertyTonight’s festival is dedicated to the dream and the hope of freedom, the dream and the hope that have filled the hearts of humankind from the time our ancestors went forth out of Egypt. Peoples have suffered and nations have struggled to make this dream come true. Now we rededicate ourselves to the struggle for freedom. Though the sacrifice be great and the hardships many, we will not rest until the chains that enslave all peoples are broken.

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