Pass-over the Holi Easter!

An artifact of pluralist discourse from my campus: I’m reblogging something a student posted last week to the university’s student life blog. The post is a brief report on/announcement of three religious holidays being celebrated by campus groups at the end of March 2013: Holi, Passover, and Easter. I’m quoting below the first and last paragraphs. Note that what these holidays are said to celebrate are not “religions” but “cultures.”

By: Melissa Goldberg

Now I know the spring isn’t the most typical time to think of the holidays, but there are actually several holidays in the month of March. From Holi to Passover to Easter, the month of March is quite a festive time of the year here at Miami [. . .]

December better watch out with all the holidays in March because students are actually in session to celebrate! These are all great ways to get students who typically celebrate their respective holidays to get their friends involved as well. With all these holidays this month, it is a great time to celebrate different cultures and remind us Miami University’s students are diverse.

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