Ex votos

Today’s random observation of religion in America is a picture I took several months ago of some Spanish-language ex votos that I saw in the window of an antiques store. They’re metal painted crosses a couple feet tall. I thought they were cool enough that I fetishistically craved owning one; but I decided they weren’t quite $30 apiece worth of cool.


Here’s a translation of each ex voto’s text, starting with the white cross, on the left, and ending with the orange cross, on the right:

Mr. Raul Sanchez Cruz thanks St. Jude Thaddeus for reaching home alive because he crashed and his car rolled over with his wife and son inside and thanks to St. Jude they all came out well from the accident. 15 Sept. 1979. Cetaya Gto.

I give thanks to the Lord of mercy for the miracle of caring for my son and me as we crossed the Rio Grande into the U.S. when we went wet in search of a good job. Mr. Camilo Ramirez Delgado. 6 April 1974. Leon Gto.

4 March 1974. Mrs. Martina Rodriguez Zanchez gives thanks to St. Martin de Porres for safely arriving in the U.S. because we crossed the desert and did not bring water. Cetaya Gto.

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