A pagan prayer for the Fourth of July

This is a belated Fourth of July post. Out of curiosity, I Googled “Fourth of July” and “pagan.” I could have picked any number of religious movements as the second search term, but “pagan” stood out to me, I guess, because my personal experience with neopagans has been with lefty p.c., granola, peace-and-justice types, so I was curious to see what they might do by way of resisting the nationalistic and militaristic tendencies of this holiday.

This was the first hit. I am surprised, I must say, by its “bless our soldiers” orientation. I wouldn’t have predicted that.

From About.com:

A Prayer for the Fourth of July

Gods of liberty, goddesses of justice,
watch over those who would fight for our freedoms.
May freedom be given to all people,
around the world,
no matter what their faith.
Keep our soldiers safe from harm,
and protect them in your light,
so that they may return to their families
and their homes.
Goddesses of liberty, gods of justice,
hear our call, and light the sky,
your torch shining in the night,
that we may find our way back to you,
and bring people together, in unity.

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One thought on “A pagan prayer for the Fourth of July

  1. I liked the imagery of the Goddesses lighting the sky. I’m not sure if it was intended, but it brought to my mind “rockets’ red glare.” It allows for religious meaning to fireworks…

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