The ranting stenographer

I was trying to think of a less belittling adjective than “ranting,” but I figure you know now who I’m talking about. If you don’t, read about it here:

House Stenographer Seizes Microphone in Bizarre Rant (NPR)

The stenographer’s complaint that we’re not a nation under God because our Constitution was written by Freemasons would appear to reflect a conspiratorially inflected fundamentalist Christian worldview. But this is not the kind of fundamentalist Christian worldview that says, “America was founded as a Christian nation.” Rather, the stenographer’s cry of protest is that the Founders were the opposite of Bible-believing Christians: they were Freemasons who “go against God.” The American nation went awry from the start. Americans thought they had a Christian nation, not recognizing the great “deception” (the stenographer’s word) that had been perpetrated.

Even if the media narrative turns out to be that this particular individual just needs medication, she’s articulating a worldview to which a whole segment of the American population subscribes. How big that segment is, I don’t know. These are people who wish David Barton were right but don’t believe that he is.

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