Student Symposium on Protestantism and American Culture

This semester I’m teaching a 300-level course called “Protestantism and the Development of American Culture.” Over the course of the semester, students have been preparing research essays on topics of their choosing, which I’ll be publishing on this blog over the course of the summer. Next week, they’ll present the content of their essays to one another orally during an in-class symposium. Here’s the schedule.

These are working titles, so I expect a lot of them will get refined by the final versions. But I’m pleased, and intrigued, by the range of ways that students are exploring Protestant influence (or attempted influence) in arenas of American culture, past and present.



A. Protestantism and the Making of American Values

  • Jesse Bowman, “Jefferson’s Declaration”
  • Matthew Hurd, “Quakers and Foundational American Values”
  • Ian Marker, “The Protestant Work Ethic as Compared with Other Religions”

B. Protestants in American Politics and Law

  • Matthew Durot, “Evangelical Influence in the Republican Party”
  • Kyle Bush, “Blurred Minds: Political-Religious Affiliations Less Defined in Postmodern America”
  • Sara Garrett, “The Supreme Court’s Protestant Influence”

C. Protestant Media Personalities, 1980s-Present: Televangelists, Scholars—and Superman?

  • Cheyenne Woodall, “Controversy in Televangelism”
  • Kristen Hatton, “The Influence of Marcus Borg and N. T. Wright on Protestants’ Thinking about Jesus”
  • Keelan Jamison, “The Protestant Gaze in Visual Representation”


A. Protestantism and Popular Culture: Sports, Diets, Country Songs

  • Andrew Roussos, “Protestant Values in the Ballpark”
  • Charles Getz, “Protestant Influence on the American Diet Culture”
  • Zachary LeCompte, “Country Music and Christianity”

B. Protestants and Nativism, from the 19th to the 21st Centuries

  • Edwin Evans, “Protestant Influence in the Know-Nothings”
  • Arissa Bryant, “Protestant Influence on the Ku Klux Klan”
  • Alexandra Serna, “Protestantism and Immigration Reform”

C. Protestant Engagement with the Television and Film Industries

  • Stephanie Garber, “Protestant Influence on Television”
  • Mary Jane Leveline, “Protestant Influence on Television Censorship”
  • Angela Thompson, “Protestants in Hollywood”
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